And Acquisition consulting

M3Consultants, LLC assists in the acquisition, merger, divestiture and/or joint partnership of comapanies worldwide. With particular expertise in aluminum, other non-ferrous metals and energy industries, our function is to act as a “marriage counselor." We talk to you to determine your goals, both strategic and tactical and then, using our knowledge of the industry, do all the work necessary to bring you a deal that best fits and optimizes your return.

We fill in the gaps working with your existing resources or manage the entire process using our own resoources and affiliates.

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Why Deals Fail: The Due Diligence Workbook

There are many reasons (external and internal) why an M&A deal can fail. One of the root causes of such failures is inadequate or faulty due diligence leading to erroneous valuation.

Learn how to get the facts and to understand the various risk elements that may be present.

Learn how to develop a realistic business plan for the future operations of the acquired entity and arrive at an accurate “value” based on its anticipated performance in the future.

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We Create Business Opportunities

The Acquisitions Practice  M3 Consultants works with and lends support to the buyer's team seeking to expand in their own country as well as cross-border markets through the acquisition or partnering with local concerns.

Services include:fundamental target attractiveness / strategic fit studies, due diligence and business plan development, valuation, negotiations, closing, as well as transition / integration of the target by the buyer. 

The Divestitures Practice.  M3 Consultants specializes in stakeholder’s value enhancement by helping to identify and sell businesses that no longer fit the client’s strategic thrust.

Utilizing a well-tested process, M3 Consultants prepares material needed for either a private or a public sale, oversees the divestiture process on behalf of the seller, provides assistance to intermediaries working with the seller and potential buyer's teams, and helps negotiate the deal terms. 

The Joint Venture Practice.  M3 Consultants works to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for all. While our first priority is to represent the interests of our client, we maintain that in the long run these interests are best served if all parties involved in the Joint venture are satisfied with the outcome.

We ensure total access by each party to all relevant facts, so each is fully aware of the advantages they will gain as well as the difficulties. Once all decide to go forward , we advise / represent our client in negotiating the terms.

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